Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar


The town of Tirupattur can be reached from Padalur which is about 25 kms from Perambalur on the route from Chennai to Trichy. After crossing Padalur and Nedungur, take a right at the junction (about a couple of kms from Nedungur) for M. R. Paalayam and Sirugur.  In about 5 kms, one can reach the temple of Bramhapureeswarar. A visit to this temple is said to guarantee not only removal of obstacles but also rewriting of one’s fate. The temple is famous as Bramha himself worshipped the Siva Lingams in this temple.

Brahmapureeswarar Temple Entrance
Sthala Puranam:  
Bramha is entrusted with duties of creation. As a five headed member of the divine trinity (others being Shiva and Vishnu), Lord Bramha became vain. Hence, He lost one of His heads and was cursed by Shiva to lose His Creation powers. As penance, Lord Bramha roamed the lands, established Siva Lingams for worship. On reaching Tirupaatur, Lord Shiva in the form of Bramhapureeswarar, pleased with Bramha’s penance, returned Bramha’s Creation powers to Him. Ambal in the form of Bramha Sampath Nayaki or Bramhanayaki returned Bramha’s lost lustre. Lord Brahma was also blessed with the powers of rewriting the fortunes of those who worshipped Him in this temple.

The 12 Lingams worshipped by Bramha are in this temple and are: Bramhapureeswarar, Pazhamalainathar,
Pathala Eswarar, Suddha Rathna Eswarar, Thayumanavar, Saptharishi Eswarar, Kalahatheeswarar, Jambukeswarar, Kailasanathar, Arunachaleswarar, Ekambreswarar and Mandookanathar.

Special Features:
The Jeeva Samadhi of Patanjali Munivar is in this temple on the Southern front. Apparently a temple which has Patala Eswarar (in the North front of the temple), will also have a Jeeva Samadhi.  Patanjali Munivar is credited with developing the Patanjali Yoga Sutra and is considered by some to be a form of Adisesha - other instances of  Adisesha forms being Lakshmana and Ramanujar.

On 3 days in the year, sun’ s rays fall directly on the Lingam. Although the Garba Griham is about 100 mts from the Temple entrance, the Garba Griham still enjoys natural lighting. Additional details can be accessed from .


There is also a Kasi Viswanathar temple in the town of Tirupattur with the samadhi of Vyagrapadhar Sidhar . The Sidhar established a tank in this temple. It is supposed to be very benenficial to perform Upanayanam in this town.

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